Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Star Dolls

I do not collect dolls, I love them, every doll send to you is a doll who was truly cared for, when you receive one of my creations, there is a lot of love coming your way, I am happy to share with you. I started collecting dolls as an adult when I first arrived to America, I have found many wonderful and supportive people and fellow artists in the doll community! I have to thank my mentors and friends Laurie Lenz, Emily Jack and Sherry Isenberger for their support, constant advice and encouragement to be a better artist. To Maria, Diane, Hat, Karen, Cheryl, Marsha and Helene, my very special friends, all my love and thanks also to PREGO!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I would love to know how much you charge for the Judy and Penny Robinson dolls. Would you also make a Will Robinson one?
    Email me at

  2. I would also love a Barry, Valerie, Betty, Steve, Dan, Mark, and Fitzhugh from LAND OF THE GIANTS!